by Chris Eaton-  Source: Deadline



A while ago, we got word that Nickelodeon bought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In a move that mirrored Disney’s buy of Marvel Comics, Nick and Paramount had big plans to relaunch the franchise.  The initial plans were for a new animated series on Nick Toons and a new toy line.  Paramount also had fast tracked a new movie to add to the massive relaunch of every one’s favorite mutant ninjas. Who Paramount has handed the property over is a bit..surprising.

Deadline has gotten word that TMNT relaunch is in the hands of Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay. Bay’s track record for the studio is almost impeccable.  Both his Transformers films and most of the stuff out of his Platinum Dunes has banked a ton of cash for Paramount.  With Dunes remaking Monster Squad and moving away from blatant horror remakes, I guess that they felt that the Turtles would be in good hands.  It’s hard to argue that point.

Bay along with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, will be producing the film.  They’ll be looking for writers in the next few weeks.  The last TMNT film was produced by the now defunct IMAGI Studios. That film grossed almost $100.  So there’s big bucks still to be had with the property.  I’ve been very vocal about my enjoyment of Platinum Dune’s films.  I haven’t peeped Nightmare on Elm Street yet.  From what I’ve been told, I’m not missing anything.  Still one mark on a good record isn’t enough to say me from thinking that perhaps, TMNT and Platinum Dunes isn’t that bad of an idea.


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