THE DARK KNIGHT RISES toys leave much to be desired

Mattel, did you learn nothing from the toyline Hasbro put out for Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin movie? If these pictures are any indication you’re basically putting out fodder for the Big Lots! stores across the country.

You would think in the final movie of this money making franchise they would pull out all the stops to milk this cow for every last drop of milk. Sadly this is not the case. Although other companies such as DC Direct & Hot Toys are going all out with some impressive Dark Knight Rises merchandise it appears Mattel just kinda phoned in their work. If these images are any indication the line is destined to be peg warmers. Just because the toys loosely resemble the movie characters doesn’t mean kids will want to buy the figures. Also Mattel here’s a news flash- kids don’t buy their own toys, their parents do. Most parents won’t shell out money for some p.o.s. that looks like a cheap knock-off. If they did swap meets around the country would be selling gang busters of their various action figure lines. Now some people may say, “Well this is just the regular line not the Movie Masters line.” To that I say HOOBASTANK! Kids & Collectors want toys that look cool. If they don’t look cool then we don’t buy them. Plain & simple. Looks like my kids will be getting Avengers toys this summer.




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