TENACIOUS D returns!

To rock harder than anyone has ever dared rock in the history of mankind!

It’s been nearly six long years since Tenacious D has graced us with their presence.  Nearly six years since Pick of Destiny horribly under performed at the box office.  Six year since they’ve performed.  It’s been a dark age for humanity since the D have retreated to the Valhalla of Rock to lick their wounds and plot their next move.

Now, one Gulliver’s Travel film later, and Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Jables and Rage Cage, have returned.  Their new album Rize of the Fenix, is set to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world like a swarm of ravenous yeti hounds craving the souls of the damned.

You can see the triumphant return of the D (including the fate of Val Kilmer) in their newest video below.


RIZE OF THE FENIX launches May 15th



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