Kevin Smith news: CLERKS 3 & COMIC BOOK MEN renewed?

Guy likes to keep busy.

For a guy who’s on the verge of retirement, Kevin Smith seems to have a lot on his plate.  He’s currently promoting a new book called Tough Shit.  He’s still got one of the biggest podcast networks going, and touring the world with said network.  He’s got Hit Somebody, his last film, gearing up to shoot next year, life seems to be running at full speed like that damn bird being chased by that coyote.

One would attribute his out put to his work ethic.  Getting high and writing.  Though, more often than not lately, it seems that when ever Kevin Smith gets high, he get’s caught in something that makes him want to replicate it.  Getting high and traveling by bus is what spawned Smodcastle, and the now John Lovits Podcast Theater.  Show’s like Hollywood Babble- On and Plus One out of bullshitting with his friends and wife.  Hell, he started a morning radio show (that he’s kinda put in the charge of his friends).  So it’s no surprise that while in New York, he saw Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Book of Mormon.  He’s done nothing but rave about it (like everyone else who has seen it).  Now it appears that the show has infected Smith with the Broadway bug.  And he’s got a mad fever over it.

This weekend, while on tour promoting his book, Smith let word drop that he’s aiming to make a third chapter in this Clerks saga, except as a musical on stage.

Clerks 3 is going to be a play on Broadway. We’ll do a six month run and sell out the entire [thing] in advance.

Sounds easy?  Well, getting a musical the likes of Book of Mormon off the ground dosen’t seem like it would be easy for a guy like Smith.  But shit, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark is still going so why the fuck not.  The only hurdle to Smith at the moment is getting Randal himself, Jeff Anderson, to commit.  If he can get him, and a bunch of other things together, by the end of  2014 we might be seeing a possibly Tony award winning show. source

And if that wasn’t enough, AMC is through the roof on Comic Book Men.  Apparently the Pawn Stars inspired show starring Smith’s posse as they run the day to day at his New Jersey comic book store did far better than AMC had predicted.  The reality show was shot fairly cheap, and thus, more money on AMC’s end.  So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Comic Book Men return next season with The Walking Dead as it’s lead in again.

Having seen the show, it’s not so much Tell Em’ Steve Dave (the podcast run by Bryan Johnson) as I would have liked.  But after a few episodes, it found it’s stride and became rather enjoyable.  I for one would welcome a second season.  Fuck if American Pickers can get picked back up, why not this? source:



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