What? THE HULK is getting another chance at his own film?

All thanks to Joss Whedon!

I haven’t seen the Avengers yet.  Like most of America, I don’t live in a European nation that is showing it.  But everyone who has seen it has RAVED about Mark Ruffalo and the scene stealing that The Hulk does.  This is all coming off a mini protest when Edward Norton was replaced after The Incredible Hulk, due to his being.. well, Edward Norton.

Well, seeing as Joss Whedon knows comics, and knows The Hulk, has breathed new life into the old green bastard.  Marvel Studios and Kevin Fegie have been kinda “meh” on the idea of another Hulk solo film.  Mostly because the “reboot” made just about as much as the Ang Lee film. Good, but not great.

But with new found popularity, and the fact that there’s going to be a TV show for The Hulk in the next few years, Marvel told Forbes that they’re probably going to do a new Hulk film, and should maybe expect it around 2015.

Nonetheless, fans inherently prefer certain superheroes over others. “It’s just like you would think — Iron Man and Captain America sell more than Thor,” says Gitter. However, The Hulk may soon surpass them all. Marvel executives have been “pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal response” to this green superhero, and expect this fan affinity to further strengthen once the movie opens. “His sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner,” says Gitter.

If Hulk’s successful turnaround continues, Gitter says Marvel “will spin him off to a stand-alone program next year,” supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015. The entertainment studio is also exploring ways to promote Hulk as a “corporate icon,” similar to MetLife’s usage of Peanuts’ Snoopy, where The Hulk’s image conveys a message about channeling strength to overcome workplace challenges.

The Hulk is one of my top heroes of all time.  I legit love the reboot of The Incredible Hulk with Norton, and thought Marvel was on the right path.  If we get another Hulk film with Ruffalo, I really hope that they continue the continuity set up by that film, and see Tim Blake Nelson back as The Leader.  If we’re adding dream teams to this list, I want Whedon to take a crack at the script, and have Guillermo Del Toro direct as he’s already producing the TV series.  Either way, more Hulk is good for me and you!



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