Spoliertasitc PROMETHEUS poster for all of you!

But it’s really cool.

I’ve complained about the crap job Photoshop posters for films in the last few years.  I miss the era of the art poster.. sigh.  But the thing with the Photoshop poster is that they don’t try.  All they do is take a few promo photos and slap them together.  Have you seen how shitty every romantic comedy poster is?  THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!  Pretty girl who cant find love and her dopey love interest smiling but not looking at  each other. What dose that tell you about the film???

But I digress.

This Prometheus poster, from Malaysia, actually feels like the artwork poster of old.  Sure it might spoil a few things, but come on people, it’s a MAJOR release film, you’re not going to be able to go into it completely cold like some little indie film you’ve never heard.  Gave upon it, and enjoy it.




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