UPDATE: Warners not doing BATMAN DVD, but other stuff instead!

The day is coming good chum!

Update:  Turns out no DVD release, but Warners had just wrangled the merchandising rights to the original Adam West Batman series.  So, yeah the most sought after show on DVD remains in limbo.  The source I originally got it from (not the link below) was somewhat vague, and I should have looked a little better.  My bad, but if you want an official Batman Tshirt or action figure, then rejoice.

One of the last great bastions of Americana TV is finally coming to DVD.  After a long and storied history of fighting between two separate studios, Warner Bros. has obtained the full rights to the 1960’s Batman TV series.  Meaning, it’s coming to DVD after years of demand. Which also means, special features and perhaps commentary from Adam West, Burt Ward and the rest of the cast.

On top of that, Warner’s will be exploiting the hell out of their acquisition, making all sorts of nostalgic Batman merchandise to cash in on not only The Dark Knight Rises, but the fan base of the show.

The full details are here, but I honestly thought I’d never see the day when this series would be released in any official way.  Guess I don’t need to hit the Torrents any more.


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