Is House the new Dick Jones in the remake to ROBOCOP?

You read right.
My love for Robocop runs deep like the love a fat man has for cake.  But it’s not to the point were I yell “HOW DARE THEY” when the remake was announced.  After all, Robocop has seen better days.

But Jose Padilha seems to be righting the wrongs of Robocop since Robocop 3.  After casting Joel Kinnaman as the new Alex Murphy, he’s added Sam Jackson and Gary Oldman in the cast.  That’s caliber right there.  Today he’s added another level to that caliber.

Hugh Laurie, coming off of House, is looking to play what will probably be the new Dick Jones, second in command at OCP. Now, he might not be “Dick Jones’ (originally played by Ronny Cox) but he’s looking like he’s playing the equivalent of Dick Jones.

Hey, I like Hugh Laurie.  I wasn’t the biggest watcher of House, but Laurie was fantastic.  Being cast as the evil douche head of OCP sounds perfect to me.

Now.. Who’s going to be the new Clarence Boddicker



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