RIP G4 2002-2012

G4 logo RIP G4 2002 2012

NBC re-brands G4 into something worse.

Much like many older generation folks never thought they’d live to see the day that a black man rose to the rank of President, I never thought I’d see the day that G4 would finally end.  I’m happy to report, that like those who waited eagerly with tears in their eyes four years ago to see Barack Obama take office,  I’m doing the same thing with the end of G4.

Variety got the word today that NBC is not shutting down G4, but instead putting it out to pasture.  Much like TNN did when it re-branded to Spike TV (with a small stall thanks to Spike Lee suing them).  The peacock plans to take the fledgling network and re-brand it as more sensible male centric network.

In other words:  It’s to become a uppity douche bag network.

To quote Variety:

G4 is going less geek, more chic.

I’ve bitched and moaned for years about how much I dislike G4.  I hate what they’ve done to Comic-Con.  I hate their crappy programing blocks.  Attack of the Show was never that good (Olivia Munn knew what she was doing, and the second she got a better offer she split) and their rampant watering down of geek culture has somewhat sickened me for years.  Before they were some male pop culture wannabe channel, they were  a simple computer video game based channel (ZDTV). Then they merged with the superior Tech TV (formerly ZDTV) and things went down hill real fast.

Oh sure, there were some good things.  When I was unemployed for nearly a year a while back, Ninja Warrior filled my days after Deadliest Catch reruns.  I’m also still a big fan of Code Monkeys to this day.  But sans those two, I’m happy that G4 is going away.

What I’m not happy about is that some NBC exec is making the situation worse by making Post G4 some damn GQ wannabe network.  I can smell the smug sense of self satisfaction already.  I predict programming far worse than what G4 has to offer, and in about 2 years time, another re-branding.

Oh well.  I guess there’s plenty of other crap on TV to watch.  Hey, at least I won’t have to deal with their monstrosity of a booth and the headaches it causes next year at Comic Con.


2 Responses to RIP G4 2002-2012

  1. this is a good thing.
    G4 as been crap for years, and for those who don’t know it used to be Tech TV which was good. then G4 happened, and for a while it was good as well, the first year or so of G4tv almost everything was about video games, you had multiple shows like Xplay for rating games, gametrailers tv showed all the latest trailers of awesome games. Xplay of course was there, but it was better back then they reviewed more then 1-2 games an episode.

    IF I turn it onto G4 at any time I can assume it will be either
    A. Cops, meh
    B. Attack of the boring show, which is god awful
    C. If I am really unbelievably lucky it will be the only good thing about G4 now, and that is mo vies that don’t suck. but that is rare as its usually only on very late at night and netflix is better.

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