Behold the anti Smurfs aka The Naughties from SMURFS 2

Because the world demanded it.

Having been the only one at this site to actually sit down and watch the Smurfs film, I can say that it wasn’t a terrible experience.  No, more like a bit of a dull one.  I love a lot of crappy films, and Smurfs isn’t crappy, it’s just a dull cookie-cutter kids film.  No harm, no foul.

But that dull cookie-cutter film made a wad a cash that the studio deemed worthy to keep going.  Hence Smurfs 2.   And a sequel dictates bigger and bolder.  So how do you top Smurfs?  Go to Paris and make evil Smurfs.

Behold the Naughties.  Pretty much what Smurfette is in the Smurf lore, just not blue.  And apparently they’re not really that evil, just doing Gargamel’s work gives them their name.  Voiced by JB Smoove and Christina Ricci, they’re the new foils to the Smurfs as they help out Gargamel who’s shacking up in Paris as a magician.

The one really good thing about the first Smurfs film was Hank Azaria as Gargamel.  Guy was spot on.  I’m sure he’ll be just as serviceable this time around as well.



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