Halloween Podcast Special: Thing Ring do your thing!

It’s the Realm Cast‘s spooktacular Halloween Special starring Bastard Robo, the Moleman, MeowMix and Big Boss. In the meantime until we can find the time to bring the podcast back on a regular basis, we offer you holiday special airings. For this year’s Halloween Time Chris, Cesar, Serg and myself sit down to discuss our favorite movies to celebrate this time of year as well as those old TV specials that make us feel like a kid on Halloween again. There are a handful of things we reference in the podcast which I have provided video of below for your enjoyment.

Here’s the breakdown of our 2012 Halloween picks:

  • Serg: Friday the 13th (all of them) with a special mention for Jason X.
  • Cesar: Nightmare on Elm Street (all of them)
  • Chris: House & Insidious
  • George: Shocker & Body Parts (going old school on you guys)

A couple of things we mention in the podcast are below for you guys to check out. Enjoy.



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