Kevin Smith announces that CLERKS 3 will be his final film

clerks 2

Based on one caviot.

Kevin Smith has been saying for the last 2 years now that he’s retiring from film making, and that Hit Somebody would be his final film.  As with a lot of things he writes, Hit Somebody got bigger than he intended.  He thought of going the Kill Bill route and splitting it up into two films, but that fiscally didn’t work.  He tried to put the movie back as one long script and that didn’t work.  So he’s taking it to TV as a mini series.  For what channel though remains to be seen.

Therefor Hit Somebody has become a TV movie. This technically leaves room for one last “movie”, and the sensible choice was made.  Kevin Smith will close out his movie career on the note he started it on:  Clerks.

Smith announced via his Twitter (where else) that as soon as Jeff Anderson signs on, Clerks 3 will be made.  I’ve already seen a bunch of “back to the well” remakes on the net regarding this news, but I’m actually quite happy that he’s finishing out Dante and Randal’s story.  Clerks 2 remains the high watermark for his career, and I love those characters.  They represent Smith at points in his life and where he is now is very different from where he was when he made Clerks 2.  Seeing Dante as a father, running a business, and dealing with his life along with Randal possibly doing the same is a perfect way to go out.


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