Glory has been personified!

5 months.  I have waited 5 months for this day.

It did not disappoint.

Since that day I missed the panel at Comic Con back in July, I’ve been waiting for the first glimpse at Pacific Rim.  The wait has been long, but this teaser trailer has been well worth the wait.

I’ve watched this trailer about 6 times now. Each time noticing something new.  This is not a story trailer.  This is a show off trailer.  So far, as I can tell, there are only two different kinds of Kaiju (the giant monsters) shown.  I’m curious if they very in “species”.  I know from screen writer Travis Beacham’s twitter that all the Kaiju’s are named, like a hurricane is named when forms.  The robot mechanics look unholy awesome.  Piloting mechs is always something of contention in animation.  They’re either piloted like tanks from a seat with control sticks or in the more fantastical mech animes, the pilots use a motion control device that has the mech follow all their movements (G-Gundam best example)  But screw all that, there’s….



Expect me to be writing a whole hell of a lot about this film in the coming days as I dissect the trailer even more.  Will we see the true alien menace that sends the monsters through he tear in the pacific?  What’s so special about Gypsy Danger?  Do the Kaiju have powers?  I have a feeling that we’ve only seen the tinniest tip of the iceberg with this, and that next summer is going to rock all sort of awesome.

Until then:



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