Is this the plot to TRANSFORMERS 4?


By the matrix, I kinda hope it is.


Gotta love the Internet.  A day and age when script leaks are all the norm.  Hell, some one posted an early draft of the Pacific Rim script up last week and no one batted an eye. But the world of script leaks are a treacherous waters to navigate as there are a lot of people who like to write “official” scripts and pass them off as the real thing.

Which is why I’m saying take this news with a big spoon of salt.  There seems to be some legitimacy to it, but then again, it could be all bs.

The site Unleash the Fanboy claims to have read the leaked Transformers 4 script.  With out going into to much detail, here are some highlights that are claimed to be in the script:

-Unicron is the main bad guy

-Vector Sigma and Primus both appear in the script.

-Galvatron is a resurrected Megatron, by Unicron. (keeping with the mythos)

-There crux of the story seems to revolve around Mark Walhberg’s daughter being caught in a Decepticon attack and brought back to life using Transformer technology.

-Takes place 4 years after Dark of the Moon

Now, this could all be bull, then again, it could be legit.  If it is legit, I think it’s already far more interesting than the last two films.  What say you?



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