If you love Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, these are the five things that you had to see at the L.A. Live exhibit because you may never get to see them again. Truth be told what does a studio do with props & costumes once production on a movie is finished? Usually they toss them out. More recently they’ve started consigning them with auction houses such as Profiles In History, but even that rarely happens. For all we know this will be the last time we get to see these amazing props & costumes in person.

These are our Top 5 picks from the Dark Knight Legend Exhibit.

1) The Batman suits.


Being able to stand there and meticulously analyze each of the two Bat Suits as well as the differences from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight without being hindered by museum glass was truly a fanboy’s dream.

2) A closeup look at Batman’s utility belt and the gadgets that came with it.


Sure we get to see his grapple guns throughout the trilogy but never really get a close long look at the detail of the utility belt.

3) The Bat Signal.


The actual Bat Signal from the movie lit up in all it’s glory. You would think this could not be beat, but then there’s the next item on the list.

4) The Fusion Reactor Bomb which Bane uses to hold Gotham City hostage in The Dark Knight Rises.


Look at it lit up in all it’s glory.

5) The Commemorative Batman Statue from the end of The Dark Knight Rises.


This one brought a tear to my eye as I stood beside it. With so many things that Nolan could have easily CGI’d, it’s good to see that he chose to go practical with so many things.

These are only our Top 5, be sure to check out our FULL gallery from the Dark Knight Legend Exhibit by clicking here.







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