YOUNG JUSTICE returns along with DC NATION in 2013


Apparently it’s not cancelled?

This has been a hot debate here in the shanty shack that make up the offices of the Realm Cast. After completely negating DC Nation and Young Justice from Cartoon Network’s lineup announcement at this year’s New York Comic Con a bit of panic set in here. Then we went into re-runs of DC Nation shows, but the shorts stayed fresh and new. Then one morning as I was eating my Count Chocula, BAM! No Young Justice, DC Nation bumpers or (that horribly animated) Green Lantern Animated Series. No news, no nothing. Depression set in. Then over the last few weeks I started noticing Young Justice popping up on my DVR again. I danced with joy through the house screaming it was a Christmukkah Miracle! I set in for a Young Justice marathon (as they were all repeats) only to notice something strange was afoot- the Boomerang logo was in the corner. For those of you that don’t know Boomerang is Cartoon Network’s other channel where cartoons get put out to pasture. In that instance my wife walks in and informs me that she had set up the DVR to record Young Justice for me because she noticed it wasn’t doing it anymore. The reason it wasn’t was because it was on a completely different channel. Sadness set back in, but then I unpaused the Young Justice episode I was watching and things were only slightly depressing.

However, today I came across this sweet little gem! Young Justice returns in January 2013! Merry Kwanza everyone! Enjoy the trailer.



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