8 movies to ring in the Mayan Apocalypse



Happy Rapture day everyone! If we’re gonna go out it may as well be with a bang. You see what I did there =P

Now you could sit around all day worrying & waiting for Shang Sun to come take your soul, OR you can entertain yourself in the meantime. After all the End of Days isn’t by appointment, so how else are you going to pass the time? The crew here at the Realm Cast sat down on Armageddon Eve (rather than spending these final moments with our families) to bring you the 8 Movies to ring in the Mayan Apocalypse.




8) 2012 – This movie is about this very day which we are now living. How could we not start off the list with this movie? Basically if you live in Los Angeles, find John Cusack and a Limo and HE will get you to safety. Surviving today is hanging out with John Cusack and a limo because apparently those two powerful forces together are untouchable.


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7) 28 Days Later – A man in a coma wakes up in a hospital 28 days later following the accidental release of a virus called “Rage”. The very name describes what happens to those who become infected. He struggles to come to terms with everything going on and the life he once had. Everything has gone awry in this twisted new world. Remember they’re not zombies, they’re INFECTED.


6) The Day After Tomorrow – In this scenario it’s not the Mayans who are the culprits. No, the villain in this film is global warming. The world is devasated by a series of super storms that force anyone living in southern states to head to Mexico for refuge.




5) Dawn of the Dead (1979) – A strange phenomenon has taken over the United States (and presumably the world) in which recently deceased people come back to life as flesh eating zombies. Society has collapsed and survivors are left to try to live in this chaos only to discover this is the end.




4) Knowing – Nic Cage discovers the end of the world is upon us from a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it recently removed from a time capsule at his son’s school. He quickly realizes that not even taking his face-off will save us. The Earth’s doom is brought on by a solar flare that essentially burns up the atmosphere and then the planet itself penetrating miles underground.


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3) The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) – The original one, not the Keanu one. An emissary from another world comes to warn Earth that it will be destroyed by beings from other worlds if we cannot get our penchant for violence under control. As he begins to give us said message we shoot him and all hell breaks loose from his giant robot companion, GORT.




2) Dogma – Two renegade Angels decide that after years of being banished from Heaven that they are going to get back in the pearly gates thanks to a loophole in Catholic Doctrine. Doing so however will undo our very existence. Never fear though because two of the biggest stoners will save us by defeating a giant poop monster. This movie is worth watching for the Poop (yes, you read correctly) Monster alone.




1) Armageddon – Go out with a patriotic bang! When the world is threatened by a giant comet, the only one that can save us is roughneck driller Bruce Willis and DareDevil himself, Ben Affleck.


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