5 Holiday Classics the Grinch doesn’t want you watching on Christmas Eve


For they bring that holiday glow!

It’s Christmas Eve.  Some say a day just as special as Christmas.  So today, while you’re either making final preps for your big day, or are quietly spending time with the family, here are 5 things that you could watch to get into the spirit of the holiday!

5: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Probably the best thing that Chevy Chase has done since Community.  As much as Merry Christmas get’s said around the house, I always utter “Shitters was full” afterwards.

4: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This Is Christmas to me.  If I don’t see this before the 25th, my holiday is ruined.

3. Rare Exports.

Now, this is a very dark family film.  A tale about the true origin of Santa Claus.  There’s minor male nudity but nothing overtly sexual about it.  See, turns out that a “Father Christmas” has more of a wild savage nature than we know.  This film was the product of two brilliant shorts, of which I’ve put the first one up for viewing.

2.  It’s A Wonderful Life.

Considered one of the greatest Christmas movies, ironically it wasn’t made as such.  Hell, half the film is all flash back with the final act on Christmas.  But it says two things.  1.  Jimmy Stewart was a goddamn juggernaut of acting talent, one that is sadly extinct.  2. If you can watch this film with out shedding one tear, you have no soul and a black heart.

1. Twilight Zone: Night of the Meek.

Leave it to the Twilight Zone to cut into the heart of what Christmas is about (after baby Jesus)  Probably my all time favorite episode, it’s about a drunken mall Santa (played like a boss by Art Carney).  After being fired for being a depressing drunken downer, finds a sack that starts granting wishes.  Art Carney owns this episode with the force of a tsunami and acts his ass off as a man who’s given up on life, only to find that sometime, the act of giving is far more rewarding than receiving.  Beautifully written by Rod Sterling, it’s one of the rare Twilight Zone episodes that doesn’t feature a horrific ironic ending. No, what Sterling did was make his own version of It’s A Wonderful Life.  You get the holiday spirit in gallon jug with this episode.

With that, enjoy everyone, and have a merry, merry Christmas!


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