Is Joesph Gordon Levitt in line for THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?


Seems so.
Briefly:  James Gunn came out before the holiday season to debunk a lot of the talk that either Chuck star Zachary Levi or Jim Sturgess were in the lead to play Star Lord in his upcoming adaptation of The Guardians of the Galaxy.  Seems there might have been some truth to the matter.  Deadline is reporting that the film is looking at some more legit star power with producers talking to Joesph Gordon Levitt about playing the lead.  Nothing more than that at the moment though.

Guardians opens in August of 2014, so we are going to hear some sort of casting announcement soon.  Levitt might be just what this film needs.  Guardians is probably Marvel’s least known property, so a little star power might be what’s needed.  The man who would be Batman, could now be Star Lord?  What say you?


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