Panzer Crush: Top 10 films to look forward in 2013


2012 has come and gone.  As I did last year, I’ve compiled my list of the ten films I’m looking forward to this year.  A brief recap first of my list last year of what lived up to my own hype.

Ted: Yes. Not my favorite film, but was exactly what I hopped for

Paranoman: Spoiler, on my top ten list

Ghost Rider Spirits of Vengeance:  Liked it, but didn’t love it

Hotel Transylvania: Great up until the last 3 minutes

Battleship: What I thought it would be.

Avengers: Also on my top ten

The Dark Knight Rises: Enjoyed it, but something was missing

G.I. Joe Resolution: We all know what happened here.

Moonrise Kingdom: See Avengers

The Raid Redemption: See Moonrise Kingdom

Ok.  Got that out of the way, now let’s get to the list of movie’s I’m most looking forward to.

10. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


A new cannon Dragon Ball Z film.  It’s been too long since we’ve gotten anything new from this world.  It’s released in Japan in March, there’s no US release date yet, but I would assume a proper release state side before the end of the year is forthcoming.

9. Thor the Dark World


Chris Hemsworth really owned the hell out of the character in Avengers, so seeing a more fantasy based film with Thor battling hords of elves is the Thor film I kinda wanted with the first film.

8. Oblivion.


Very curious to see what the man that gave us Tron Legacy can do with something original.

7. Iron Man 3


Shane Black.  Mandarin.  first post Avengers film has me excited to see what Marvel has in store for us.

6. Fast and Furious 6


Fast 5 was so much fun that even if the trailer for 6 is everyone playing patty cake.  I’m sold.  Give me more mandom!

5. Riddick


The simplicity in the title hopefully indicates the promise that this new outing is going back to the simple roots of Pitch Black.  Either way, I like the first two films, so I’m definitely on the up and up on a third outing for Riddick

4.  Anchorman: The Legend Continues


It’s more Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News team.  What’s not there to be excited about.

3. Elysium


The follow up from District 9’s Neil Blomkamp.  The footage from Comic Con was unbelievable.  Blomkamp looks to have knocked another one out of the park.  We’ll see come August

2. Worlds End


First new Edgar Wright film since Scott Pilgrim.  The final film in the trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  Sold

1. Pacific Rim


Guillermo Del Toro.  Giant Monster.  Giant Robots.  Nuff said.

Check back this time next year to see how my picks did.


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