First look at SUPERMAN UNBOUND from Warner Home Video


Interesting look..

The Dark Knight Returns part 2 is finally coming to DVD (it’s out on VOD as we speak) so we can look forward to the next uber instalment in the ongoing and hopefully never ending line of DC animated features.

Superman Unbound adapts Geoff Johns Braniac storyline.  But besides dealing with Braniac, we’re going to get a look at Clark/Superman’s relationships with the women in his life, mostly Lois and Kara.


Once again, the look is intriguing.  I thought that Superman vs the Elite was  off putting at first until I saw it in action.  So I’m going to wait before I make any sort of judgment.  But knowing the good people at Warner Home Video, they’ve made this aesthetic choice for a good reason.

The cast for this feature includes White Collar’s Matt Boomer as Superman.  John Nobel as Braniac. Stana Katic as Lois and Molly Quinn as Supergirl.

Expect Superman Unbound sometime this summer.




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