Guillermo Del Toro for reals making the Justice League Dark film DARK UNIVERSE


Giant robots be damned.


The Internet is a tricky mistress.  Sometimes she takes. But sometime she gives.  Case in point.  Back around September, a rumor of a team movie of all of DC’supernatural heroes.  Basically, Justice League Dark, but with Swamp Thing.  Del Toro was initially linked with it, when asked, he claimed to know nothing but sounded interested.

Smash cut to yesterday, and in an interview with IGN, he announced that he’s working on the film.  He’s got an outline written, a team set up of Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman.  I’m sure that roster will grow as the project continues to take shape.

Here’s the thing.  Del Toro hasn’t announced if he’s directing, as he’s got a few projects lined up already.  Good chance he’s producing, writing and that’s all.  He has a writer lined up to pen the screenplay, and if Warner’s gets off their butts and they manage to get their DC act together, this could potentially be one of the greatest dark horse movies they’ve produced in years.



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