ROBOTECH moving forward with new director


Yeah this is still a thing!

The onslaught of Transformers pushed a lot of old school robot properties in to pre production.  Among them was Robotech.  A beloved adapted anime series from the 80s involving alien invaders, reverse engineered technology and awesome jet fighters that turn into robots!  Toby Miguire picked up the rights back in 07, right after Transformers hit.  But since then, not much has been heard.

Seeing that they’re on a kick for all things big and blockbuster, Warner Bros announced a director for Robotech.  Who?  Nic Mathieu.  A commercial director who’ll be making his big screen debut with Robotech.   Mathieu seems to be something of a wunderkind for the studio.  They have him attached to not only Robotech, but the upcoming The Wind and The Story of Your Life.  Both scifi films.

Warner’s and Legendary currently have Pacific Rim set to bow this summer.  Their adaptation of Godzilla next year.  Robotech wold be their second giant robot film and second Japanese adaption after those two.  The studio also has other anime properties Death Note and Bleach on the blocks.  Death Note is set to be directed by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black.

No set date on Robotech at the moment, but I would assume we will hear something by the end of the year.



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