The good Olsen sister and Breaking Bad to take on GODZILLA?


By breaking bad I mean..

Bryan Cranston of course.  The acting juggernaut of shows Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle is in talks to play the step father of Aaron Johnson’s solider character.  Elizabeth Olson would be playing Johnson’s girlfriend.  I love this news as Bryan Cranston is the man.  It’s hard to believe that this guy at one point was voicing monsters on Power Rangers and now is one of the best actors working today.  Adding a pedigree to Godzilla that hasn’t been seen yet!

I absolutely love every bit of news that dosen’t deal with the producer situation for Godzilla.  Thomas Tull, director Gareth Edwards and Warner Bros really seem to know what they’re doing.  Production starts next month, and the cast is waiting to see Frank Darabonts final draft of the script before singing on the dotted line.

Godzilla opens May 16th 2014



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