In blackest night: Geoff Johns steps down from GREEN LANTERN


Putting the focus on Justice League.
All good things must come to an end.  Such is the case with Geoff Johns and his beloved Green Lantern.  Johns, who pull the characters from the low end of the DC spectrum around 2004, will be moving away from the books in May.

“I’m really proud of all the stuff we’ve built with Green Lantern – from Larfleeze to the different corps. The universe has expanded and will live well past my run. It was more than just telling another story, but really giving back to the character by expanding and adding to their mythology”

His story lines of Blackest Night, Brightest Day and the introduction of the other colored lanterns vastly expanded upon what was a character that was starting to fizzle.  With his movement to the head of DC’s day to day operations and writing many titles under the New 52 banner, something had to give.

“I was getting to an end point and a story line that made sense for me. I felt like it was time to close my run and focus all my energies on the Justice League corner of the DC Universe,” he said, noting that his stories were collaborative efforts with artists and editors like Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Van Sciver and Peter Tomasi.”

“It was a very, very hard decision. I absolutely love these characters but I felt like I had a story line that really made sense and felt emotionally satisfying and felt very big and very epic.”

Johns will still be writing Justice League and Justice League of America and other books in the DC line.  It won’t be the end of him writing the characters of Green Lantern, but for now, he’s dimming the lantern on the solo books.



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