Megan Fox will play April O’Neil in NINJA TURTLES


Yes, you read right.
Michael Bay always gets his way.  He’s apparently made up with Megan Fox over their public spat, and has had her cast in this reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles simply titled:  Ninja Turtles.  Again, Megan Fox is April O’Neil.  I was all ready for bed after a long day, and I sat down to see this news. Wow.  I have no idea what kind of movie Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman are giving us, but if they’re casting MEGAN FOX as APRIL O’NEIL!! Then I assume that it’s going to be fairly out there.

Look, I don’t hate Megan Fox.  But I’m also not one of these guys that drools all over her either.  She’s devolved in to a walking Victoria Secret ad where she always looks like she’s “ON” in all of her public shots with her serious face and all.  While we’re at it, she’s proven to be not the greatest actress in the world.  Sufficient, not the worst, but nothing great.  Before I hear one damn word about “It’s just a Ninja Turtles film” I’ say shut your whore mouth!  Just because something is based on a pop culture piece of art doesn’t mean it can’t be handled with love and care.  Megan Fox doesn’t scream April O’Neil.  It screams “We’re going to pack this film with post pubescent boys to both rock out to Ninjas who are turtles and then go home and think of Megan Fox in private”

Anyway, I’m done.  Good night!



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