Is Gareth Edwards classing up GODZILLA with Juliette Binoche?



You might not recognize the name Juliette Binoche, but if you’ve seen The English Patient, or Chocolat, you might know the French actress.


While normally associated with more “artistic” films, Binoche is in talks to join Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston in Legendary Pictures American reboot of Godzilla.  Again, I’ve said this many times, I’m loving every bit of news coming out for this picture.  When this film was first announced, I was expecting what we’ve been seeing with Pacific Rim.  Something big and fun.  But Edwards and co have stated they’re going back to the feel of the original film for their take, and with the caliber of people involved, I have a strong feeling people are going to be surprised by what we get.

I cannot WAIT for May 16th, 2014.



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