5 Indy comics that need to be animated!


Because they’re awesome.

In the wake of the news that Titmouse is animating Jhonen Vasques’s seminal work Squee into an animated short, I started taking stock into other comics that need to be brought to life in an animated form.  Currently, The Goon is going through the process of trying to come to life as a CG film, but it’s hit some roadblocks.  I’d argue that most of these comics that I’m calling for an animated film or short should probably be done in traditional 2D.  CG is fine and all, but there something to hand drawn.  Look at the Amazing Screw On Head pilot that Titmouse created.  Well, it was in FLASH, but you get my point.

5. Scott Pilgrim


Some would say “Hey, you got a movie. Isn’t that enough?”  NO!  Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work was bread from anime and video games.  We got a taste of Scott animated in the Adult Swim short, but I would love to see the books adapted into a six part OVA, or if you really want to stretch it, turn each book into a season on Adult Swim.  There’s a life to Pilgrim that live action can’t give it, even though Edgar Wright came damn close to pulling the characters from the pages to the big screen.  Either way, animated fights, the word balloons, and the lush world of a guy looking for love and learning to deal with the baggage that comes with it.

4. Sharknife


Another Oni Book that I dug a lot.  Much like Scott Pilgrim, it takes a lot of nods from anime.  But it does it in it’s own massively stylized way that it begs to turned into an animated feature.  The tale of  Cesar Hallelujah, a bus boy at the greatest Chinese food restaurant in the world.  Over 4 stories tall, it’s known for two things.  It’s food, and the hordes of monsters that come out of the walls.  Cesar eats a fortune cookie and turns into the metal hero like Sharknife.  His battles are almost an attraction with people coming for the fight, and staying for the food.  The books is in black and white, but animated in full color with all of the stylized action would be something on par with Fooly Cooly.  Manic, exciting, and a work of art.

3. Dr. McNinja


I was turned on to the world of Dr. McNinja by our staffs own Cesar Aguirre.  He has a knack for finding funny stuff.  This was no exception.  Starting life as a web comic,  Dr. McNinja has come into his own as a full phenomenon.  While not as highly popular as Axe Cop, McNinja has a far more cohesive yet absurd story.  An Irish ninja that happens to be a doctor.  Who hangs out with the clone of Ben Franklin, an ongoing fude with a clown named Ronald, and has gorilla receptionist named Judy, a raptor named Yoshi and young Mexican child sidekick named Gordito but is not fat.  McNinja is full of everything that makes a great animated feature.

2. Monkeyman and O’Brien


Brainchild of artist/writer of Art Adams.  His homage to his love of King Kong and 50s sci fi with a twist.  An interdimensional ape with super intelligence and a young woman exposed to cosmic rays go on a pulp like adventures as they fight frogmen, mole people and a wide variety of the weird.  Adams art (ironic) is detailed and unique that very few can replicate it.  J. Scott Campbell comes close, but that’s neither here nor there.  Monkeyman and O’Brien could be a weekly Saturday morning series with how much is crammed into this series.  And I’d get up to watch it!

1. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode


Moving away from the funny, Luther Strode has been a book I’ve fallen in love with to high degree.  It’s a fantastically violent tale of a young guy who wanted nothing more than to be someone strong to protect his mom and not be a push around.  What he got instead was a living hell that came with new found powers of strength and might.  A great Greek tragedy if there ever was a modern one.  Tradd Moores art is perfectly suited for animation.  Strode could be a corner stone in adult American animation if it was made into a film.  Either way, GO BUY THIS BOOK.  It’s fantastic.


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