A little about toyz2men

The original toyz2men logo! Featuring Top Gun as Captain America and Lunchbox as Iron Man!

Hello to all you freaks and geeks out there! Lunchbox here. We just wanted to drop by and give you a little information about who we are and what we do!

toyz2men was founded by 2 best friends with a common love of all things geek. What started out as a simple phone call and an idea has become something so great in just a matter of months. We started out with a couple massive “toy runs” (as we call them) to get some stock for reviews. Unfortunately, Top Gun and I have a bad habit of not opening Marvel Selects haha..but those runs helped us establish a certain product to focus on and eventually, the boxes opened.

Then came Mid-Ohio Comic Con in Columbus, OH, hosted by Wizard World. This would be our first Comic Con as toyz2men. Our artist, Shawn Langley (@Shawn_Langley), came along for the journey. Shawn is an amazing artist who draws all of our logos and is currently working on a comic called Earthruler. Be sure to stop by his site for some artwork. Just visit langleyeffect.deviantart.com for artwork! At Mid-Ohio Con, I waited in line for over an hour to meet Norman Reedus for the 3rd time (I’m a bit of a Boondock Saints and Walking Dead fan). He noticed our logo on our shirts and then followed us on twitter.

Lunchbox with Norman Reedus

Lunchbox and Norman Reedus at Mid-Ohio Comic Con

We also achieved a couple more great things at Mid-Ohio. We got shout out videos from David Della Rocco (Rocco from Boondock Saints) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Young Indiana Jones, Powder) which absolutely made our day! You can check out the videos on our YouTube channel but be warned, Rocco’s shout out is NSFW because of a certain term from Boondock Saints haha.

toyz2men then decided to branch out and do podcasts. Which was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made because we have a blast with it! We cover any geeky news we can find and give you the toyz2men perspective. We do our podcasts weekly, usually on Tuesdays, and sometimes we’ll bring you a couple episodes a week. The podcasts are something we plan on doing as long as we possibly can and we hope all of our listeners out there enjoy it!

Top Gun with Norman Reedus

Top Gun with Norman Reedus at HorrorHound in Columbus, OH

We were recently given information from the Monkey in the Cage podcast that The Realm Cast was looking for contributors so we jumped on the chance to work with another group of people who are into everything we are. We appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you guys and we’re happy to be a part of this partnership! Thanks for having us on The Realm Cast and thanks to Monkey in the Cage for arranging that!

About the Men.

Top Gun: Likes – G1 Transformers, The Walking Dead, Marvel Comics, PS3 gaming, action figures, the Baltimore Ravens and Batman. Dislikes – anything Michael Bay gets his hands on.

Lunchbox – Likes – The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints, Marvel Comics, DC Comics (Pre-New 52), and Iron Man. Dislikes – Michael Bay and the thought of Robert Downey Jr. getting replaced as Iron Man.

There you have it! Just a little introduction to toyz2men and what we’re about. We hope you guys are listening to us on iTunes, PodOmatic, following us on twitter (@toyz2men) and watching our YouTube channel! Be sure to check out toyz2men.wordpress.com and let us know what you’d like to see!

On behalf of Top Gun and toyz2men, thanks for being a fan and stay geeky!

-Lunchbox     @0_LunchBox_0

About the author: Nathaniel aka Lunchbox can be found working full time as part of the two man team that make up Toyz2Men. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @toyz2men and check out their podcast by clicking here.


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