Yes, Marvel’s Green Lantern.

Nova_2_CoverI’ve been scratching my head for a few months now as to why Marvel has been pushing a relaunch of Nova so hard.  Even back in the day when he was head ot the New Warriors, he wasn’t really that exciting.  Now, this new Marvel Nova isn’t the same as the one from the 90’s.  Even with all the cosmic events that Marvel has had in the last decade, it still seemed odd that they’ve been pushing a relaunch like they have.

Now it all makes sense.

Today, word hit that Marvel Studios has more in plan for Guardians of the Galaxy than just a Thanos set up film.  The Guardians are apparently going to be dealing with The Nova Corps.  Yes, Nova and the rest of the Nova gang are popping up in Guardians.  This is fascinating as pretty much Nova is the Marvel equivalent of Green Lantern, just with out a power ring.  But it’ll be interesting to see two things:

1:  Is this Marvels way of creating a full “COSMIC” universe film series?  And explore more off Earth stories.  The Nova Corps could end up being the Cosmic version of SHEILD for these films.

2:  Could this be Marvels slight jab at DC/Warner’s.  Showing them up would be a huge FU if they can get a even lesser known character established and done right that’s essentially the same as one of their failed big budget films?

I guess we’ll see next August.  All I can say is I’m really damn excited for Guardians of the Galaxy now.



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