Trailer: AFTER EARTH (Trailer 2)



I’ve seen just about every major Will Smith film theatrically.  Sans 7lbs and the first film he made with his kid.  But, I won’t be seeing this. Why?  Because I can hear it in the dialog already that this film is crap. Why?  Possibly because it’s directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  Originally, this was supposed to be M. Nights first film he had nothing to do with the writing.  But he decided to take a crack at the script and that the equivalent of double dipping a chip in salsa.  You just put your mouth in it and now I don’t want to eat it.

M. Night pretty much burned the last plank on the bridge he had with me as a filmmaker with his butchering of Avatar with his Last Airbender film.  That he managed to take a beloved, well written and created piece of animated art and molest and butcher it to such a degree is almost talent in its own way.  But the man has lot what ever touch he had.  I still enjoy 6th Sense, Unbreakable and Signs but after that.  Nope.  So you can watch this trailer for After Earth if you want, I did.  And I want my 2 minutes back.  I’ll be watching Man of Steel that weekend instead.


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