KING KONG is coming to the stage!


No turn off the dark here.

I personally believe that Broadway is an antiquated form of entertainment.  Yes, I realize Broadway isn’t the proper term, but for live theater, I think it suits it best.  Sure, every actor likes to be doing a Broadway or off Broadway production of something in between movies to say that they’re enjoying the art of ACTING! but in a day and age where everything is record for the masses, I don’t buy into the “personal experience” of the show.  Also, people are paying god awful prices on many shows that they’ll forget in their twilight years.

While you might not believe me that the stage show is antiquated, look at the crop of shows that are pushing the boundaries of what live theater can accomplish.  Case in point, this new King Kong show.  The production has created this massive Kong prop.  While is an undertaking that I applaud, it shows that the creative bucket is getting low, and that producers are gasping at straws to keep people coming in.  The occasional Book of Mormon aside, I can’t get behind any of this.  If they did it as some big Arena stunt show like Batman, and had moments of guys in a Kong and  T-Rex suit battling it out with pyros, I could get behind that.  It’s still cool though, I’ll say that.



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