So, who’s the new Robin in the NEW 52?



On the heels of DC announcing BATMAN YEAR ZERO, looking at the origin of the rebooted New 52 Batman, speculation about another storyline has taken hold on the net.

Reading Batman Inc 8, a book I normally don’t pick up, to see if the hubbub is about.  Seeing if Grant Morrison was playing us or not.  Turns out, he wasn’t.  Damian is dead.  Batman’s asshole of a son is gone.  For now. Until they Jason Todd him out of oblivion in about 8 years.  So who’ll fill in the boots of Batman’s sidekick in this strange New 52 world?


Turns out Scott Snyder might have this one already.  The man who’s written one of the best Batman stories in YEARS, a statement even the most vile New 52 hater will agree on, created a girl named Harper Row.  She’s a electrician that works the sewers of Gotham that helped out Batman in issue 12.  Her brother’s gay and get’s beaten up.  She’s got spunk, and a little bit of Tim Drake to her.

The cover to Batman 18 hit solicitations, hinting at Harper Row taking on the mantel of Robin.  This coincides with this preview of Detective 21 with Harper in a skin tight suit with Batman.    So, are we getting a new female Robin?  Probably.  All of this stemming for the unimaginable love for Stephanie Brown that the Internet seems to have.  Look, I’m all for a female Robin, if that’s where this is going, but seeing we now have a new universe were say, Tim Drake was never Batman’s sidekick, I’d say give some of the other former Robin’s a go at it for now.  I don’t know.  I trust Scott Snyder,  and no one I know about cared for Damian, so I guess it’s girl power time..



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