Watch Disney’s new MICKEY MOUSE short and feel your childhood come alive!

 Mickey Mouse

Really, it’s wonderful!

Why Disney has never properly used Mickey Mouse other than to shill products has always been beyond me.  Sure, they had the House of Mouse series, but that was Mickey in mostly wrap around segments.  He hasn’t had a full length film, or hell, much of any sort of short form animation in years.   There is that talk of doing at team up film with Roger Rabbit that seems to be going somewhere.  Apparently the creative folks at Disney felt it was time to take Walt’s greatest and most powerful creation and do something with him.

They’re making shorts.

It’s better than nothing when it comes to Mickey, and the first one is out now.  It’s all in French , but you really don’t need to know French to understand how awesome Disney can be when they want to be.  This is like a old school Silly Symphony in many ways, sans singing.  Even though it’s done on the cheap (looks to be flash)  there’s a touch of that Disney magic in there that makes you smile.  Croissant de Triomophe is going to be the first of MANY Mickey shorts coming to the web this summer, and I’ll be watching every single one of them.


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