VENTURE BROS Season 5 sneak peek!



I need this now!  The Venture Bros is that one show that has never disappointing me.  Gold from top to bottom.  The only problem is that it takes a dogs age to get a new season made.  Hey, I just realized, THE VENTURE BROS ARE NOW TEN YEARS OLD!


And we’re only 5 seasons in!  Look, I’m all for quality, and I’m glad that they take their time, but there’s got to be a better way for Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer to get this done.  Just looking at this sneak preview has me jonesing for more Venture.  Whats going on with 21?  What’s with the Padme/Ming outfits?  I don’t want to wait till goddamn MAY to find out.

Watch this trailer as I’m off to write a Venture Bros 10 year retrospective.


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