georges st pierre belt George St Pierre cast in CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER

The greatest UFC champion in history is now..

Batroc the Leaper.

batroc4 George St Pierre cast in CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER

Who?  Let’s look at his wiki bio shall we.

Georges Batroc was born in Marseille, France, and served in the French Foreign Legion. He is a French costumed mercenary who specializes in savate (also known as “La Boxe Française”), a form of kickboxing. Although he has primarily appeared in the pages of Captain America, he has also faced off against the Punisher, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, and Gambit. Batroc has occasionally led his own team, “Batroc’s Brigade”, whose membership has changed over time. The group has primarily fought Captain America.

He’s a marital artist villain.  Someone that suites Captain America.

Seeing that St-Pierre is French Canadian, it works.  George though has one of the thickest accents there is though, so I’m not sure if he’ll be speaking his lines or if he’ll be a silent bad guy ala Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine.  St-Pierre is one of, if not the best fighters in UFC.  He also commands a natural charisma that is unseen in the company.  I guess we’ll see in a year.

Captain America The Winter Soldier opens April 4th, 2014



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