Even more armors from IRON MAN 3 (and the NOT Hulkbuster)


I don’t think it is either.

The Iron Man 3 facebook put out a few more pictures of the various armors we’ll be seeing in the film.  Which I called.  Expect a whole bunch this week. I’m figuring.   Anyway, I think the reason for this besides just whoring the film is that we’ll probably only see a few seconds of many of these armors in the film, so why not get a close up look at them before hand.  I say OK!

First up is IGOR, aka what everyone thinks is the Hulk Buster.  I never really thought that this was the Hulk Buster as the standard armor for that was more in line with the original Iron Man colors.


In fact, I think that this guy from the trailer, on the far right, might be the actual Hulkbuster.

Im3trailer ijmage

Looks like him.  Especially how the Marvel movie verse Hulk looks anyway.
Up next is the armor we see Tony leap into in the trailer.  It’s called the The Heart breaker.  Double meaning for Tony?  Either way, it looks AWESOME.  I love the design of this suit.  Here’s hoping that it makes it to a future movie.


Peep them and the rest of the armors on May 3rd.


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