Exclusive: See the first ten pages of the WONDER WOMAN script


Going with the Man of Steel approach.


Congratulations everyone you’ve been enjoying a Realm Cast April Fools =P

Over the last year, Warner Bros has been mulling around as to what to do with their DC properties.  Batman has been a gold mine, but now that Nolan is done, where does that leave the Dark Knight?  Man of Steel is due out in a few months, but let’s be honest, that film was only made so Warner’s wouldn’t lose several key movie rights if they had lost a legal battle with the family of the one of the creators.  Then, Avengers had hit, and WB decided to sally forth with a few other properties before they decided to go with The Justice League right off the bat.

But before that happened, one of the properties Warner’s commissioned a script for was Wonder Woman.  Written by Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg, not much had been heard of the project after the Justice League announcement.

Today, we’re excited to say that we’ve seen that script.  We got it from a trusted source we know over the weekend at WonderCon.  We were told this was the first draft, so things might have changed in later drafts.  I’ve read a good chunk of it myself, and what I can tell you off the bat is that it is an origin story.  Going title is Themyscira.  I’ll have a full review in the morning, but until then, we have scanned the first ten pages to give you an idea of what Warner’s was aiming at with Wonder Woman before the Justice League plan came through.

Special thanks to artist, Stanley Lau for the Wonder Woman artwork. Be sure to visit his DeviantArt page by clicking here.













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