Fox releases new images for THE WOLVERINE


If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stormshadow wanted Wolverine dead with all the ninjas being sent after him. I smell crossover movie =P 

Today 20th Century Fox officially released several images for The Wolverine. Although most of them are not anything new (as they were previously released via Entertainment Weekly), there are a few NEW images in this batch. I have separated the new images below which are followed by a gallery of all The Wolverine images released (officially or not) thus far. Based on what we’ve seen thus far this movie seems to be coming together nicely. It looks as if we may finally get the Wolverine movie this character deserves instead of that X-Men Origins crap that had so many things wrong ala X-Men: Last Stand style.




Wolverine faces his ultimate nemesis – and tests of his physical, emotional, and mortal limits – in a life-changing voyage to modern-day Japan.


The Wolverine opens in theaters July26th, 2013.




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