First Look at the Ninja Turtles and Foot Clan from TMNT


To continue with the TMNT theme, we have some pictures from the set!

What we see in these photos can only be described in one word: stupid. I’ve been disappointed with this movie from the jump and I’m not sure why I keep being surprised by things like this. I knew the turtles would be CGI (a fact I disagree with) and sadly, that’s the way things are now in the movie world. I would have been way happier if they had just done a movie with the suits from back in the original trilogy. I’m just now picking up on a couple of the casting selections for the movie as well. Donatello is going to be played by the creepy kid from Accepted who thought he could blow stuff up with his mind and Michaelangelo is CSU Tech Dale Stuckey from Law and Order: SVU. Really guys? Was Corey Feldman too busy to bring back the best Donatello anyone could ask for? Couldn’t get Mark Caso to come back as Leo?


Now, to insult the appearance of the Foot Clan. They look like the Immortals from 300. At least that’s what they put me in the mind of when I first saw the pictures. The Foot Clan has obviously captured the Turtles and this leads to the one bright spot of these pics, Raphael. He’s not there which leads me to believe there will be some awesome fight scene for him to come in and rescue his brothers. The Foot also have guns now, which is interesting to me. I figured they’d be using some ninja style weapons and not look like mercenaries with Halloween masks. They’re also dressed in military gear which, from my understanding, isn’t related to a ninja at all.


Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with the things I’ve seen thus far about this movie. I’m not shocked though because Michael Bay’s involved. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where this train wreck goes. I’m about to call Michael Bay’s mother and have him grounded for destroying things that I hold dear.

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