Rising Sun Round Up: MIYAZAKI, GYO, GATCHAMAN, Tony Jaa

The Wind Rises Poster_

Weekly fix of all things Asian!

– Hayao Miyazaki’s next film, The Wind Rises, has a new poster and character/voice actor break down.  It’s a new Miyazaki film what more do you need?

The Wind Rises Cast

– The trailer for the zombie fish movie GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack is up.

First look at the new Gatchaman Crowds.  Much different than you’ll remember them being.


– Tony Jaa has made his triumphant return from purgatory with Tom Yum Goong 2.  This film has been finished for a while now (almost a year) But it’s just now gearing up for a release.  A few images have hit the web.  Hopefully this is the comeback that a lot of us are hoping for with Jaa.

TYG2-3 TYG2-2

– Meanwhile, Garath Evans almost died while trying to bottle ass kicking insanity for The Raid 2


-New Indonesian Kamen Rider BIMA Satria Garuda


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