E3: “My First Time” Day 1 Recap


PS4, Xbox One, Diablo III, and more.

So I just got back from my very first time at E3. I will continue to post trailers of all the games that are coming out but I figured since this was my first time I would kind of give a run down of what I did and my thoughts throughout the day.

I arrived at The Los Angeles Convention center around 12:15 a little late but with the LA traffic as bad as it was I think I did pretty good. I had to park in the very top level of the parking structure so I already could tell it was going to be very crowded today. After parking I made it inside the convention center and walked quite a long way to get my Press Badge. But it was not hard to find at all, there were signs posted everywhere directing you to where you needed to go. First thing I did notice that it didn’t seem so “chaotic”, as I was thinking it was going to be. I was expecting something like a Comic Con, Wonder-con or etc. For example at Wonder-con everyone is just hanging out wherever trying to take pictures of all the cos-players in front of the building or off to the side, and a lot of people seem to be just wandering around lost. E3 didn’t seem that way at all, everyone mostly seemed to know where they were going and no one was just hanging out in corners and the sides of the building or sitting wherever they wanted.

After I got my badge I wanted to kind of walk around and see where I wanted to go and kind of plan out what games I wanted to try. So I started down the aisle and immediately found myself in the Sony area. I headed straight towards PS4 where I got to play my first game of the day.

Blacklight: Retribution:

Which is a Free-to-Play First Person shooter coming to PS4. I am not a big fan of FPS games but this one seemed like it had everything a FPS fan would want. I was more eager to try the PS4 more than anything. I really loved the PS4 Controller, It’s light and the grips are perfect and very comfortable. I could see myself playing long gaming sessions without my hands getting tired or cramped from holding the controller. Now I have always liked the Dual Shock controller from Sony but they really have improved upon it with the PS4. The R2 and L2 buttons have now become triggers. They’re not quite like the Xbox 360 they feel more like the PS-Vita triggers but for aiming and shooting I think the triggers are much better than the previous dual shock. The graphics on the game were nice but I didn’t see to much of an improvement, however one of the producers on the game did say that this was not a final version they are still working on polishing the game. Also since this game is being ported from a PC game and It’s free to play I don’t think they are trying to push the PS4 graphics to the max. Overall the game was fun, everyone who played it seemed to enjoy it very much, it just wasn’t for me but I’m not a fan of FPS.

Black light Retribution will be available for the PS4 for Free, No release date has been announced.

Next I ended up in the Xbox One area. Where Todd Mcfarlane was signing autographs and talking about his Halo and Assassins Creed toy line. I am a huge fan of Spawn so I had to meet him and get his autograph. After waiting only 15 minutes I was able to get my picture, talk to Todd about Spawn, and get a signed Halo poster.

DuckTales Remastered HD:

Next I noticed that Capcom had a demo for their upcoming title Ducktales Remastered HD. I am a huge fan of Ducktales in general but I remember very clearly the hours I spent playing the Ducktales video game for the NES (it’s still one of my favorite games). At Wonder-Con they only had the haunted house level to try. Today I got to play the Amazon level. The graphics are amazing, and the Soundtrack for the game has been upgraded but it still reminds me of the older version. All the voice actors from the series are back doing the classic voices we all remember and love. I did notice that in the amazon level you have to collect 7 or 8 coins throughout the level using your map to locate them all. Once you collect all the coins you put them in a sun dial which was used in the pilot episode of the Ducktales show titled “The Treasures of the Golden Suns“.  Unfortunately I died before I could collect all the coins and my turn was over. I can’t wait to get this game. If your a fan of Ducktales, or just side-scrolling games this is a must buy.

Ducktales Remastered will be released summer 2013 for $14.99 on PlayStation Network, 1200 Microsoft Points ($15.00) on Xbox Live Arcade and $15.00 on the Wii U E-Shop.

Mickey’s Castle of Illusion:

I was really surprised that no one was playing this game. I walked up and was able to pick up a controller and play immediately. I was a big fan of the Castle of Illusion game back on Sega. Fans of the series will not be disappointed. The graphics are clean and crisp the game controls are very simple and almost identical to the previous Sega version. I only played for about 10 minutes But I really enjoyed this game. It has a feeling almost of a Mario 64 at first because although it mostly plays as a side-scroller it does have a few areas that were 3D. Fans of Mickey Mouse and the previous titles wont want to miss out on this one.

Castle of Illusion is coming to PS3, PC and Xbox 360 this summer.

Next my Friends and I walked over the the West Hall and played in a Gears of War Judgment Tournament for WiHDRocks. It is a company that makes wireless devices that allow consoles, bluray players, cable boxes to run completely wireless. First off the lag was so bad in the game it seemed as the character was a second or 2 behind. Not sure if it was the wireless gaming or what but I would not recommend it to anyone. As far as the tournament went, my friend came in 1st where I came in second. We did get some exclusive Gears of War T-shirts for winning so that was a plus.

Diablo III

Next myself and 2 friends went over to the Blizzard booth to try out Diablo III on the PS3. I have never played Diablo at all. I know of the game but just never have played it. I was able to pick up the controls for the most part pretty quickly. The graphics were clean and sharp. I played a Barbarian and very much enjoyed playing the game. It reminded me of Gauntlet Legacy for the original Xbox. My friend who is a big Diablo fan said he liked the game, it ran smoothly but he still would rather play with a mouse and keyboard. I have never been a Diablo fan but after playing today I might just have to pick this game up when it releases later this year.

Diablo 3 will be available on PS3, and Xbox 360 on September 3, and is available now on the PC.


The Crew:

Next I found myself in the Ubisoft area where I got to demo the Xbox One and the game The Crew. First off the controller, Is a lot lighter than the Xbox 360, and feels a lot smaller. The thumb sticks seem awfully close together. I love the Xbox 360 controller, I think it’s the best controller out on the market today. I am still going to purchase an Xbox One day 1 but I am not to happy with the new Xbox One Controller. The game however was graphically amazing and I love the concept of being a team of Drivers using teamwork and skills to perform various odd jobs around some major cities. I got to drive around Las Vegas in a vehicle (Mustang GT) which I got to choose and customize by using a smart glass tablet before I started the demo. The city looked amazing very realistic, the driving however was not very realistic. This was my first time playing so I was not used to the controls and the developer who was talking to me through a turtle beach headset, had a very thick french accent, that combined with the noise from the game, and the people around me I could not hear him at all. I made do but totaled my vehicle on more than once occasion. You can’t put the petal to the metal as they say, the second I was going over 60 my car would spin out every time I tried to turn. I tried the drift and the handbrake and still could not stop spinning out. The game was fun and I love the concept and think the game has a lot of potential to be a top selling title. I am amazed they even had a demo of this game already to play, but it still needs a lot of work to be the amazing game it could be.

South Park Stick of Truth:

There unfortunately is  not a hands on Demo at E3 for South Park this year but I did get to watch a developer play through the South Park Elementary School level in the game. The graphics are amazing it literally looks like you are watching an episode of South Park. I have wanted this game since it was first announced and Now I want it even more. First off there is no censorship on the language in this game. The fight system is turn based just like a Final Fantasy game. I did see the developer knocking some of the enemies out with items such as a flaming fart and a sling shot, but if you walk up to an enemy it immediately takes you to a fight screen just like Final Fantasy where each character takes turns attacking, healing, or using special powers.  The dialogue  is brilliant I was laughing the whole demo. During on of the battles with Stan his “gay dog” Sparky  from one of the earlier seasons episodes returns from a long absence. I am excited to see who else may return in the South Park game. I will reveal one thing I did get to see but it may be considered a spoiler so just skip this section if you do not want to know. Spoiler: After you the new kid finally gets to Kyle in the cafeteria you have to choose a side to go on. Eric Cartman and his humans, or Kyle and his elves. The developer chose Cartman and after the battle which he won, Kyle goes to grab the stick of truth from inside one of the school desk only to find a note to check Clyde’s locker. After going to the locker the boys find a laptop where Clyde is on a video chat holding the Stick of Truth. He tells them while they were fighting he stole the stick and built a fortress. Clyde then tells them if they want the stick they have to come get it and go through his zombie army, to which then he pours some nuclear waste on a dead cat which then magically turns into a zombie cat. Spoiler Over.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. No release date has been given as of yet.

After that the day was almost over I did get over to the Warner Bros, booth and got to check out Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Chimera unfortunately I did not have time to try either game for more than a few seconds before the booth was being shut down.

Overall I had a great time at E3 Day 1. I would not recommend wearing heavy clothes, it is air conditioned in the Convention Center but with all the people it was extremely hot. It was crowded but not to the point where you couldn’t walk around. Everything is spaced out nicely and there are plenty of consoles and Demo’s to go around. I didn’t really see any problems today but some of the demo’s have no time limit or they are really long Demos, so if you are there the next 2 days and you have been on a game for quite a while look around and see if anyone else wants to play. Don’t be a “Demo Hog”.

That basically sums up my Day 1, I am quite exhausted and my feet are sore but I can’t wait to get back tomorrow and play even more games.



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