Happy 20th Anniversary JURASSIC PARK


Spared no expense

20 years ago, a small 9 year old boy sat down in a small theater that he would one day work at and watched as everything he imaged came to life in front of him on a bit theater screen.  It was the day that marked the dawn of the digital age as we know it.  But it was also the day that we came closest to believing that dinosaurs could walk with us.

20 years ago today Jurassic Park was released.  I hold it as one of the most perfect films.  That’s a small list, but filled with greatness.  From that day, I’ve always had Alan Grant, or John Hammond, or Ian Malcolm in my head.  Watching as they ran from a T Rex, or fought deadly Raptors.  Quoting lines like “Spared no expense” and who could forget “Cleva girl”?  This film is part of the DNA of my generation.  It’s in all of us as much as our organs are.

I’ve gone on at length on several podcast about my love for Jurassic Park, but I felt the day should be commended some how.  So here are a bunch of awesome clips.

This moment right here.  This is magic.  Not movie magic.  Pure, unfiltered magic.  Spielberg is on his AAA game.  Everyone is hitting it out the park with their performance.  The dialog is pitch perfect.  This is why Jurassic Park is a monument of a film that will go down in the annuals of history for more than just it’s special effects.


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