E3: MAD MAX Trailer and Review


Mad Max Trailer and my thoughts after watching a live demo from E3.

Mad Max, I’m sure many of you know the name very well. The hit movies from the 80’s starring Mel Gibson are Classics. The upcoming re-imagined film Mad Max starring Tom Hardy (Bane from Dark Knight Rises) sounds very promising. Well earlier this week at E3 Microsoft showed off a kick ass trailer for the new upcoming video game titled Mad Max. The game comes from Avalanche Studios, who also developed the game Just Cause.

Here is the trailer for Mad Max:

Wasn’t that trailer awesome?

Now that trailer is all CG so you don’t actually get to see any gameplay. Well today at E3 I did get to watch a live demo of Mad Max and I was extremely impressed. So you have an idea what the game looks and plays like, it is a 3rd person game. I would say it looks like it plays very similar to Just Cause 2. The graphics are stunning and I’m sure the game is no where near being completed and I was ready to go out and purchase a copy based on what I saw today.

The demo starts out with Mad Max chasing down 3 vehicles trying to recover some stolen property. Mad Max’s vehicle is open in the back so his mechanic friend can ride on the back, fire weapons and point things out for Max. Max is slamming into the 2 vehicles in the back and two thugs jump on his car. Max then pulls out his trusty sawed off shotgun and blows one thug away in slow-motion through the windshield, the next thug is hanging on the passenger door and he also gets a slow-motion shotgun blast to the face. The action never seems to slow in this game. The cars are all driving on dirt roads you can see the detail in the suspension and how each wheel respond over certain bumps and rocks in the road. Max then takes out both vehicles the first one by shooting out the tires and the second one by knocking it off the road. Max finally catches up to the lead vehicle and shoots out the explosive drum the vehicle is carrying and then smashes into the vehicle to make it explode and turn over. Max then went over to the vehicle pulled out the corpse of the driver and searched him to get his item back.

The developers showed us how massive the world is, they showed us a map with quite a few locked areas that will be unlocked as you progress through the game, I would say it looks to be a little smaller than the city in GTA IV. There are tons of roads marked on the map or as the developer said if you don’t want to stay on the roads you can go completely off road and try to avoid some of the bandits on the highway.

The next part of the demo showed us Max driving to a base to take out a sniper. While Max is away taking out thugs the mechanic stays with the vehicle to repair the damage you just caused it. As Max makes it through the base we saw some stealth at first max creeping around but in the long run stealth has never been Max’s way, so we saw some slow motion shotgun blasts, a few kicks to some thugs head, and a knife kill, all one right after the other very quickly. All the action sequences were awesome, I was very impressed. Max made it to the top of the base and took out the sniper with ease. Then Max pulled out some binoculars to scout the base and find a way to go through it. He sees a blocked up gate flashing red that indicates that Max’s car is not strong enough to punch through the gate just yet.

Next the developers took Max to a garage scene where they showed us some of the improvements you can make to your vehicle such as spiked tires, better engines, and a battering ram for the front of your vehicle. Each bigger and better upgrade does change the speed, handling and overall performance of the car. the biggest and baddest battering ram downs a lot of damage but weighs the front of the car down and takes away a lot of handling. After the developer found the right ram for the vehicle, he upgraded the engine and then proceeded back to the game. They did say that certain parts would have to be found to better improve your car but you can access the garage at any time by pressing start and choosing garage.

Back at the base, Max switched seats with his mechanic so he can stand in the back of the vehicle and snipe some of the thugs around the base. after blowing a few explosive barrels and killing some of the thugs Max got into the driver seat put the petal to the metal and drove right through the blocked gate like only Mad Max can.

After that the demo was over and they showed us the trailer for the game that I posted at the top of this article. I loved this demo, I am definitely going to buy this game on day 1. The graphics were extremely clean, the handling of the vehicles looked amazing, on the roads you can reach top speeds and in the dirt and desert the vehicle handles the way it should bumpy and bouncy but still can get up to some high speeds.  Being able to customize your vehicle is a major plus, and the fights between Max and the thugs were brutal but awesome.

Here are 3 screenshots released today of Mad Max the video game:

I am very excited to play Mad Max when it comes out and although it does not have a official release date except for 2014. I did speak to one of the lead developers named John, he actually hosted the Mad Max Demo and he did confirm to the RealmCast that Mad Max will be coming to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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