(Update)E3: SUPER SMASH BROS Wii U trailer

 Mega Man Smash Bros



Another trailer for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS has been released. Here is the newest trailer:

Nintendo has been sitting on the sidelines for the big E3 announcements till today.  Waiting with the patience of a samurai, they’ve decided to start revealing a clutch of games that, honestly, people wanted on launch day.  One of those being the new Super Smash Bros .  The big reveal.  Mega Man has finally come to the game.  If Sonic is back as well, then the holy triumphant is complete.

See, Nintendo get’s it.  This is the Mega Man everyone wants.  Not the fuck you Mega Man that Capcom has been giving us for a while now.  I might just have to buy a Wii U now to get this.


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