Trailer: THE WOLVERINE (trailer 3)


Now I really want to see this film.

Hugh Jackman has been saying he was trying to do THE Wolverine story for this film.  He’s been pushing that notion since production started last year.  With each passing trailer, I can see what he’s saying.  The Wolverine looks hand over fist better than X-Men Origins, but the last few trailers haven’t been pushing that.  Now that we have this third trailer, I can say that I’m kinda psyched to see this film.

The notion of Wolverine giving up his mutant powers never sat right in other two trailers.  It felt like a shoe horned plot device to make him venerable so that he’d be in some real danger for once.  But, having his Mutant power TAKEN from him and given to some one else, that works far better.

The Wolverine opens July 26th.


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