BEWARE THE BATMAN might actually be a decent show?



Every time there’s a new Batman show, there’s usually two things that go with it.  1. The previous beloved show is cancelled.  Batman The Brave and the Bold was cancelled so that this new CGI Batman show could go into production, which leads to point.. 2.  Fans hate the idea of a new Batman show that replaced their beloved previous show.  It’s happened with every incarnation since Batman the Animated Series.  When that ended, it went into Justice League which went into The Batman, which was cancelled for Batman the Brave and the Bold.  As you can see, there’s  a trend here.

A lot of the “ugh” factor when this new series was announced was that it was CG, and that none of the main rogues gallery would be appearing.  Either new villains for off the collar ones from the old Adam West series would be appearing instead.  We approach the premier date, July 13, and Warner’s is getting to the promoting.  This sizzle reel was released today and gives us a good idea of how the animation is going to look.  So far, better than Green Lanterns.  But, let’s wait and see how the stories play out.  If any thing, this could end up like the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And that’s a good thing.


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