TV and Comics.

– Nearly 10 years to the day of the films release, Fox has ordered a pilot to Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic.  A show based on the comic, which in turn is an Avengers of classic literary characters.  The movie was best known as the last film Sean Connery did before he retired.  Also, it had a reputation for being kinda crappy, but I would argue that.  It wasn’t a disaster piece, it was a fun film.  Knowing Alan Moore, he just shook his head and went back to being big and bearded.  Fox, who produced the film, thinks there’s still life in it, and has ordered a pilot for a tv show to be written and show ran if picked up, by Michael Green.  Which, honestly, sounds like it could really work.  Just, will Fox ever give it  a chance?

– A new clip from Agents of Shield is out.  Expect something big at Comic Con next week

– Marvel and Vin Diesel are in talks to do something.. but what is only known to Marvel at this point.

– Justin Marks some how keeps getting work.  This time he’s helping Disney make a live action Jungle Book film.  This from the guy who wrote Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li.  Never mind that Disney already made a live action Jungle Book movie, one that hewed closer to the book back in the 90s.

– Going to Comic Con?  Then stop by Livio Ramondelli’s table and get this sweet Mr Sinister print.



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