GTA V will offer THOUSANDS of Vehicle Mods!

GTA V will offer thousands of modification options for vehicles in a one-stop shop. You may remember, the only Grand Theft Auto game that allowed vehicle customization was GTA: San Andreas and the options weren’t that great. The feature that exists in GTA V will be a more in depth and will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the game. Just pull in to LS Customs and pimp yo ride dawg! Thanks, Xzibit..for bringing us that awesome catchphrase and for leaving MTV just as quickly.

GTA V will allow players to customize their rims, body kits, paint finishes, and even the smoke that rolls off the tires. These options are part of a complete customization overhaul that also includes weapon customization. The weapons will offer clips, grips, flashlights, and the weapon finish.

This game was already going to be phenomenal but it just got even better with these options. Keep an eye out for GTA V because it releases on September 17th, 2013!


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