Visit the New Home for toyz2men!


Hey guys, don’t forget to check out the new home for toyz2men!

The new site is awesome! It will always be a work in progress because we’ve promised to bring you guys the geek news you’ve been looking for! We’ll be doing some giveaways from time to time so don’t miss out on those! Also, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel, twitter (@toyz2men), like our Facebook page, and of course, look for our posts right here on The Realm Cast!

Speaking of those guys, we wanted to give them a shout out and say thanks for everything they’ve done to help us out along our journey. We really appreciate it guys and it means a lot! That’s the thing about us geeks, we help each other out. If this was any other kind of business, we would have been ignored. The Realm Cast has given us an outlet on the west coast to help spread the geekiness around and that’s how good things become great. So once again, thanks to George, Chris, and all of you at The Realm Cast!

Check out toyz2men at:

-TopGun- and Lunchbox

About the author: Nathaniel aka Lunchbox can be found working full time as part of the two man team that make up Toyz2Men. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @toyz2men and check out their podcast by clicking here.


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